environment vocabulary

Environment vocabulary

acid rain: lluvia ácida
carbon dioxide: dióxido de carbono
chemicals: sustancias químicas
climate change: cambio climático
conservation: conservación
contaminant: contaminante
contamination, pollution: contaminación, polución
deforestation: deforestación
eco-friendly: que no daña el medio ambiente
ecological: ecológico
ecologist: ecologista
ecosystem: ecosistema
endangered species: especies en peligro de extinción
environment: medio ambiente
environmental: medioambiental
environmentalist: ecologista
environmentally friendly: que no daña el medio ambiente
extinction: extinción global
warming: calentamiento global
greenhouse effect: efecto invernadero
noise pollution: contaminación acústica
nuclear radiation: radiación nuclear
organic: orgánico
ozone: ozono
ozone-friendly: que no daña la capa de ozono
ozone layer: capa de ozono
radioactive substance: sustancia radiactiva
radioactive waste: residuos radiactivos
radioactivity: radiactividad
recyclable: reciclable
recycled: reciclado
recycling: reciclaje
reforestation: repoblación forestal
sewage, effluent: aguas residuales
sewage farm, sewage works (GB): estación depuradora
sewage plant (US): estación depuradora
smog: smog
solar energy: energía solar
nuclear energy: energía nuclear
sulphur dioxide (GB): dióxido de azufre
sulfur dioxide (US): dióxido de azufre
toxic waste: residuos tóxicos
nuclear waste: residuos nucleares
waste disposal: eliminación de residuos
wind power: energía eólica
renewable resources: energías renovables
to become extinct: extinguirse
to conserve: conservar
to contaminate: contaminar
to die out: extinguirse
to poison: envenenar
to pollute: contaminar
to recycle: reciclar

Environment Vocabulary List & Definitions

endangered species
a species of plant or animal that is in danger of becoming extinct.
the continuous modification and adaptation of organisms to their environments through selection, hybridization, and the like.
no longer existing, as an animal species.
greenhouse effect
the warming trend on the surface and in the lower atmosphere of a planet, held by scientists to occur when solar radiation is trapped, as by emissions from the planet.
the natural environment of a plant or animal.
a substance used to kill insects.
the mass of gases surrounding the earth or any other celestial body.
oxygen in the form of molecules with three atoms, created by exposure of oxygen to electrical discharge or ultraviolet radiation, having a sharp smell, and being an effective oxidant for use in bleaching and sterilizing.
one who illegally hunts on another's property.
contaminating material that pollutes.
a haze caused by the effect of sunlight on foggy air that has been polluted by vehicle exhaust gases and industrial smoke.
the part of the earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms can exist.
the act of preserving and protecting from loss, destruction, or waste.